Check out My Heroine supporting Missing Andy!

Check out My Heroine supporting Missing Andy!

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To Celebrate winning the Essex Battle of the Bands 2012, here’s an acoustic version of our song “Killing Time”. We’ll be releasing a new video each week so keep an eye out for them!

Our prize for winning is a support slot for Missing Andy on 3rd March at the Broadway in Barking!! We are so excited so please come down and support us!

Check out this girl rock band! they’re so amazing live and I love them :) pleeeeeease


what I got up to last weekend:


What up peeps?

Its my turn to fill you all in on MH festivities…. Lucky you!
In a nutshell, since we last updated you, Rini as had and almost got over the flu, Giv managed to get a stinking cold and still sounds slightly like a pubescent boy (her words, not mine) and I have almost got over pharyngitis. Trust me when I say its painful!
I’m sure last weekends activities had nothing to do with this : S
Where to begin?
Saturday we had band practice as normal and was joined part way through by our manager Emma who we like to call Deci (short for decibel as she can’t shout). We worked on some new material as well as the old ones.
Sunday we were meant to be going to a meeting, but after waking up to several inches of snow, we knew this was not going to happen. We were very good and managed to practice our acoustic songs for our up coming radio sessions and even get two new songs pretty much finished, but then this happened. And yes, you are not mistaken. Emma (guitarist, not manager) is wearing my dressing gown and her pjs, for no particular reason other than she didn’t want to get dressed.
Peas out space cadets
Georgie xxX

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